Orkestra Beta v.0.1.6

There’s a new version of Orkestra Available with some exciting new features and many stability improvements! Most of them were ideas from beta testers so thanks a lot for that.

You can download the new version here.

Please make sure to uninstall any previous version of Orkestra before you install this new one.

Here are some of those new features :

Grouped Online Quick Accesses in the Ribbon

You can now group Online Quickaccesses in a Ribbon DropDown. This allows better “space” management when you want to deploy a lot of definitions to your users as Quick Accesses.

New Properties Panel

This new properties panel lets you scan your definition properties on the fly! Know who, when, why and how at a glance! 😊 (There’s also a search bar directly in the Online Workspace Management window now)

Copy Definitions Between Online Workspaces (With all associated Meta)

If you want to move definitions around, you don’t need to download and upload anymore. The new “Move to workspace” functionality lets you move your definitions (and all associated metadata and documentation!) between online workspaces (Note that only the latest version of the definition will be moved).

Download Complete Workspace (with folder structure)

You can easily download a whole folder structure through a simple right click action.

Upload Whole Definition Folders (With Folder Structure)

If you already have an organized folder structure for your definitions (which is very likely…) you may want to upload it directly. It is now possible! No need to recreate the folders and subfolders one at a time anymore.

0.1.6– Improvement of local definition upload to cloud
– Installs for Revit 2021 as well
-Reinitializing local package settings after crash / reopen made more reliable
-Fixed desktop add (now working properly)
-General stability improvements
-Online QuickAccessses : It is now possible to group the QuickAccesses of a workspace in a drop down button in the Revit ribbon
It is now possible to upload a whole definition folder (and its sub structure) as a workspace
-It is now possible to move definitions between online workspaces (all meta data is preserved)
-You can now right click on a definition or a workspace and download it (if you are an admin of the workspace)
-SearchBar added to the Online Workspace Management window
-Properties bar added to the Online Workspace Management window
-Playlists are still unstable. Do not use spaces or special characters in playlist names
-Do not use Orkestra if you have several versions of Dynamo installed for a Revit Version.