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The Data Shapes Company was co-founded by Mostafa El Ayoubi, Daniel Hurtubise and Temesgen Gossa. They share a common vision for BIM and wish to implement a “less talking, more doing” philosophy in the projects they collaborate in as BIM Managers, trainers or custom tool/workflow developpers. Their skillset is at the crossroads between civil engineering, architecture and information technology.


11 thoughts on “À propos

  1. Hi Mustafa,

    I have faced that in UI.MultipleInputForm, select face is not returing the right face. Is there any enhancement on it?

    Thanks, Naz


      1. Hi Mustafa,

        I found an funny issue. When I use your “Select Faces” I cannot get the reference with the code: face.Tags.LookupTag(“RevitFaceReference”). With the standars “Slect Faces” node in dynamo it works.
        Maybe you can fix this somehow 🙂

        With thanks and greetings


  2. Hi Mustafa,
    First I am a fan of your work for Dynamo Nodes. It helped me create some Dynamo program which helps other without them having to know knowledge of Dynamo to us it.

    Currently I’m working on a Dynamo script which requires to display two columns of data. Would there be away to do that with your (UI.MultipleInputForm ++) node? if not, can I put in a request to have it included in your current (UI.MultipleInputForm ++) node.?

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    1. Hi Christopher ,
      thanks for your message! I’m always happy to know my work can help people in theirs.

      I’ve been thinking about adding the possibility to add tables to the form. So far I haven’t had time to work on it but I’m planning on it. Stay tunes! 🙂


  3. I am trying to use the Export to FBX node, but I cannot seem to get it to do anything no matter what I try. I don’t get any file saved out in the directory path specified.


  4. Hi Mustafa,
    I am using UI.Boolean input, UI.Listview, and UIMultipleForm ++ to allow a user to click checkboxes in a scrollable list in order to get a set of sheets. The list of Boolean values that comes out of the UIMultipleForm ++ node seems to only be a list of UI.Boolean Inputs that is as long as the number of checkboxes that were selected by the user. I expected a list of True and False values based on if the box was checked or not. If I try to cast these UI.Boolean Inputs to Booleans (via the bool() function) they all come back as True. Ideally, I’d like a list of True and False value so that I can do a Boolean mask on my sheet list to just take the sheets that were checked. Am I going about this wrong?


      1. That’s perfect. I couldn’t find any documentation so that link helps immensely. All is well now and I’m happy to have your link as a resource. Thanks for the quick reply!


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